File kernel/src/utils/SiconosAlgebra/SiconosMatrix.hpp

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Interface for matrices handling.


typedef std::vector<int> VInt

A STL vector of int.



Abstract class to provide interface for matrices handling.

Matrices can be either block or Simple. See Derived classes for details.

In Siconos, a “matrix” can be either a SimpleMatrix or a BlockMatrix, ie a container of several pointers to SiconosMatrix

You can find an overview on how to build and use vectors and matrices in siconos users guide .

#include <SiconosMatrix.hpp>

Union of DenseMat pointer, TriangMat pointer BandedMat, SparseMat, SymMat, Zero and Identity mat pointers.

Public Members

BandedMat *Banded
DenseMat *Dense
IdentityMat *Identity
SparseMat *Sparse
SparseCoordinateMat *SparseCoordinate
SymMat *Sym
TriangMat *Triang
ZeroMat *Zero