File kernel/src/utils/SiconosAlgebra/SiconosAlgebraTypeDef.hpp#

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Header file for Siconos Algebra objects

This file provides typedef for matrix and vector objects, const values and so on …




typedef std::vector<SP::SiconosVector> VectorOfVectors#

Objects used to define block matrices and vectors:

Some containers for vectors - Used for example to handle x and its derivatives in DynamicalSystem.

typedef std::vector<SP::BlockVector> VectorOfBlockVectors#

Some containers for vectors - Used for example in Relation to compute y and r when there are 2 DS.

typedef std::vector<SP::SiconosMatrix> VectorOfMatrices#

Some containers for matrices - Used for example to handle the various jacobian in LagrangianDS.

typedef std::vector<SP::SimpleMatrix> VectorOfSMatrices#

Some containers for matrices - Used for example to handle the various jacobian in LagrangianDS.

typedef VectorOfMatrices::iterator VectorOfMatricesIterator#

Iterator through vector of matrices.

typedef VectorOfMatrices::const_iterator VectorOfMatricesConstIterator#

const Iterator through vector of matrices

typedef std::vector<std::size_t> Index#

type of object used to save indices

typedef ublas::matrix<double, ublas::column_major, std::vector<double>> DenseMat#

DenseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::matrix<double, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::triangular_matrix<double, ublas::upper, ublas::column_major> TriangMat#

TriangMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::triangular_matrix<double, upper, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::symmetric_matrix<double, ublas::upper, ublas::column_major> SymMat#

SymMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::symmetric_matrix<double, upper, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::banded_matrix<double, ublas::column_major> BandedMat#

BandedMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::banded_matrix<double, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<double, ublas::column_major, 0, Index> SparseMat#

SparseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::compressed_matrix<double>

typedef ublas::coordinate_matrix<double, ublas::column_major, 0, Index> SparseCoordinateMat#

SparseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped_matrix<double>

typedef ublas::zero_matrix<double> ZeroMat#

ZeroMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::zero_matrix, ie null matrix.

typedef ublas::identity_matrix<double> IdentityMat#

IdentityMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::identity_matrix ie identity matrix.

typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<SP::SiconosMatrix> BlocksMat#

A collection of pointers to matrices ; blocksMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped_matrix<SiconosMatrix* >

typedef ublas::matrix<std::complex<double>, ublas::column_major> complex_matrix#

Complex matrix.

typedef ublas::vector<double, std::vector<double>> DenseVect#

Various vector types available in Siconos.

DenseVect is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::vector<double, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::compressed_vector<double> SparseVect#

SparseVect is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped<double>

typedef ublas::vector<std::complex<double>> complex_vector#

Complex vector.


const char N_DOUBLE_PRECISION[] = "%1.52e "#

Const from old version of SiconosVector - To be reviewed.

const unsigned int M_MAXSIZEFORDISPLAY = 10#
const std::string DEFAULT_FORMAT = "ascii"#
namespace Siconos



Siconos::UBLAS_TYPE is an enumerated type of Siconos::DENSE, TRIANGULAR, SYMMETRIC, SPARSE, BANDED.

It is used to describe the type of matrix or vector we want to construct.


enumerator BLOCK#
enumerator DENSE#

id for dense matrix or vector

enumerator TRIANGULAR#

id for triangular matrix

enumerator SYMMETRIC#

id for symmetric matrix

enumerator SPARSE#

id for sparse matrix or vector

enumerator BANDED#

id for banded matrix

enumerator ZERO#

id for zero matrix

enumerator IDENTITY#

id for identity matrix


id for sparse matrix or vector