File kernel/src/utils/SiconosAlgebra/SiconosAlgebraTypeDef.hpp

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Header file for Siconos Algebra objects

This file provides typedef for matrix and vector objects, const values and so on …




typedef std::vector<SP::SiconosVector> VectorOfVectors

Objects used to define block matrices and vectors:

Some containers for vectors - Used for example to handle x and its derivatives in DynamicalSystem.

typedef std::vector<SP::BlockVector> VectorOfBlockVectors

Some containers for vectors - Used for example in Relation to compute y and r when there are 2 DS.

typedef std::vector<SP::SiconosMatrix> VectorOfMatrices

Some containers for matrices - Used for example to handle the various jacobian in LagrangianDS.

typedef std::vector<SP::SimpleMatrix> VectorOfSMatrices

Some containers for matrices - Used for example to handle the various jacobian in LagrangianDS.

typedef VectorOfMatrices::iterator VectorOfMatricesIterator

Iterator through vector of matrices.

typedef VectorOfMatrices::const_iterator VectorOfMatricesConstIterator

const Iterator through vector of matrices

typedef std::vector<std::size_t> Index

type of object used to save indices

typedef ublas::matrix<double, ublas::column_major, std::vector<double>> DenseMat

DenseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::matrix<double, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::triangular_matrix<double, ublas::upper, ublas::column_major> TriangMat

TriangMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::triangular_matrix<double, upper, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::symmetric_matrix<double, ublas::upper, ublas::column_major> SymMat

SymMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::symmetric_matrix<double, upper, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::banded_matrix<double, ublas::column_major> BandedMat

BandedMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::banded_matrix<double, column_major, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<double, ublas::column_major, 0, Index> SparseMat

SparseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::compressed_matrix<double>

typedef ublas::coordinate_matrix<double, ublas::column_major, 0, Index> SparseCoordinateMat

SparseMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped_matrix<double>

typedef ublas::zero_matrix<double> ZeroMat

ZeroMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::zero_matrix, ie null matrix.

typedef ublas::identity_matrix<double> IdentityMat

IdentityMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::identity_matrix ie identity matrix.

typedef ublas::compressed_matrix<SP::SiconosMatrix> BlocksMat

A collection of pointers to matrices ; blocksMat is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped_matrix<SiconosMatrix* >

typedef ublas::matrix<std::complex<double>, ublas::column_major> complex_matrix

Complex matrix.

typedef ublas::vector<double, std::vector<double>> DenseVect

Various vector types available in Siconos.

DenseVect is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::vector<double, std::vector<double> >

typedef ublas::compressed_vector<double> SparseVect

SparseVect is a typedef of boost::ublas::numeric::mapped<double>

typedef ublas::vector<std::complex<double>> complex_vector

Complex vector.


const char N_DOUBLE_PRECISION[] = "%1.52e "

Const from old version of SiconosVector - To be reviewed.

const unsigned int M_MAXSIZEFORDISPLAY = 10
const std::string DEFAULT_FORMAT = "ascii"
namespace Siconos



Siconos::UBLAS_TYPE is an enumerated type of Siconos::DENSE, TRIANGULAR, SYMMETRIC, SPARSE, BANDED.

It is used to describe the type of matrix or vector we want to construct.


enumerator BLOCK
enumerator DENSE

id for dense matrix or vector

enumerator TRIANGULAR

id for triangular matrix

enumerator SYMMETRIC

id for symmetric matrix

enumerator SPARSE

id for sparse matrix or vector

enumerator BANDED

id for banded matrix

enumerator ZERO

id for zero matrix

enumerator IDENTITY

id for identity matrix


id for sparse matrix or vector