Continuous integration for Siconos project

Continuous integration for Siconos project#

A git push into siconos github will launch travis (on github) and jenkins (ci-inria) process, as described in .travis.yml file (for both travis and jenkins).

The following process will be executed on a worker:

  • git clone siconos from github

  • create build dir

  • run in build dir:

    ../CI/ --run --root-dir=..

For Travis, the ‘worker’ is the default one, provided by github-travis service. The task executed is ‘default’ defined in The ouput can be checked here :

For Jenkins, the ‘worker’ is one of the ‘nodes’ available on Jenkins interface, e.g. siconos—vm0, siconos—vm1 … The executed tasks are those listed in in the dictionnary known_tasks, for the chosen hostname (i.e. node name). For example, if

known_tasks = {'siconos---vm0':


then tasks siconos_fedora_latest and siconos_gcc_asan will be executed on node vm0, while siconos_documentation and siconos_numerics_only will be executed on vm1.

Example of output:–/job/continuous3/lastSuccessfulBuild/console

Notice that this is equivalent to run, on another worker:

./  --run --root-dir=.. --tasks=siconos_documentation,siconos_numerics_only

To check what will be executed by the command above, just try:

./  --dry-run --run --root-dir=.. --tasks=siconos_documentation,siconos_numerics_only

The output will look like:

Would call:
- cmake -DMODE=Continuous -DCI_CONFIG=with_documentation -DWITH_DOCKER=1 -DBUILD_CONFIGURATION=Release -DDOCKER_DISTRIB=ubuntu:16.10 -DDOCKER_TEMPLATES=build-base,gcc,gfortran,gnu-c++,lpsolve,python-env,documentation -DDOCKER_TEMPLATE=gcc-openblas-lapacke-documentation -DDOCKER_PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR=/home/perignon/Softs/siconos/. -DDOCKER_SHARED_DIRECTORIES= /home/perignon/Softs/siconos/./CI
- make - ki target,
for target in docker-build docker-cmake docker-make docker-make-install docker-make-doc docker-make-upload
both from path _ubuntu-16.10_with_documentation

Would call:
- cmake -DMODE=Continuous -DCI_CONFIG=no_cxx -DWITH_DOCKER=1 -DBUILD_CONFIGURATION=Release -DDOCKER_DISTRIB=ubuntu:16.10 -DDOCKER_TEMPLATES=build-base,gcc,gfortran,lpsolve,python-env -DDOCKER_TEMPLATE=openblas-lapacke -DDOCKER_PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR=/home/perignon/Softs/siconos/. -DDOCKER_SHARED_DIRECTORIES= /home/perignon/Softs/siconos/./CI
- make - ki target,
for target in docker-build docker-ctest
both from path _ubuntu-16.10_no_cxx

Which means that (for numerics_only), in dir _ubuntu-16.10_no_cxx

  • the ‘cmake -DMODE …’ line will be executed to configure the ci project and its targets

The following targets will be executed: * make docker-build, to create a docker image, based on ubuntu 16.10 with packages gcc, … will be created, with some associated volumes * make docker-ctest : call cmake, make, make test on Siconos sources inside a docker container, based on the image created with make docker-build.

A report will be sent to siconos cdash.

For details on the description of a task, check How to add and test a new continuous integration task for Siconos project.