Slider Crank


Slider Crank#

This is an example of a simple multibody system, developed in [7] and shown on the figure below:


In siconos, this example is simulated in several different ways :

  • examples/Mechanics/SliderCrank/SliderCrankMoreauJeanOSI.cpp

  • examples/Mechanics/SliderCrank/SliderCrankD1MinusLinear.cpp

  • examples/Mechanics/SliderCrank/SliderCrankD1MinusLinearVelocityLevel.cpp

  • examples/Mechanics/SliderCrank/SliderCrankMoreauJeanCombinedProjectionOSI.cpp * examples/Mechanics/SliderCrank/SliderCrankMoreauJeanDirectProjectionOSI.cpp

  • examples/Mechanics/Mechanisms/SliderCrank/


siconos example_name.cpp

or, for python files using mechanisms toolbox:

cd examples/Mechanics/Mechanisms/
siconos -P .

and to plot the results, you can use for example:

gnuplot -p

This must lead to Fig 11 (d) of the paper

The example is based on cad files located in examples/Mechanics/Mechanisms/SliderCrank/CAD

The option WITH_CLEARANCE_ON_RODE can be set to 1 to add clearance between the rode 1 and 2.

All variables names and parameters values are those from the paper cited above.