About plugins in classes

An attempt to write some rules when implementing a plugin for a class attribute …


Consider a class with an attribute ‘_xx’, for which you want to propose a plugin-mechanism.

Attributes to add to the class:

Methods to add to the class:

  • getPluginXx() returns the _pluginxx object
  • setComputeXxFunction(args), args=(path,name) or (fptr) to connect fPtr of the PluggedObject to a user-defined function ‘name’ in file ‘path’.
  • computeXx(…) call the plugged function and update _xx content.


  • _zeroPlugin() –> set to ‘zero’ all PluggedObject of the class
  • updatePlugins(time) –> call all plugged functions of the class, for time and current state

Plugged functions can be set either with the construtor or with the setComputeXxFunction method.