About plugins in classes

An attempt to write some rules when implementing a plugin for a class attribute …


Consider a class with an attribute ‘_xx’, for which you want to propose a plugin-mechanism.

Attributes to add to the class:

Methods to add to the class:

  • getPluginXx() returns the _pluginxx object

  • setComputeXxFunction(args), args=(path,name) or (fptr) to connect fPtr of the PluggedObject to a user-defined function ‘name’ in file ‘path’.

  • computeXx(…) call the plugged function and update _xx content.


  • _zeroPlugin() –> set to ‘zero’ all PluggedObject of the class

  • updatePlugins(time) –> call all plugged functions of the class, for time and current state

Plugged functions can be set either with the construtor or with the setComputeXxFunction method.


computation of \(f(x,t,z)\) in FirstOrderNonLinearDS.

Attributes and methods