File numerics/src/tools/CSparseMatrix.h

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Structure definition and functions related to sparse matrix storage in Numerics.


typedef struct cs_di_numeric cs_din
typedef struct cs_di_symbolic cs_dis
typedef struct cs_dl_numeric cs_dln
typedef struct cs_dl_symbolic cs_dls
typedef struct cs_di_sparse CSparseMatrix


int CSparseMatrix_aaxpy(const double alpha, const CSparseMatrix *A, const double *x, const double beta, double *y)

Matrix vector multiplication : y = alpha*A*x+beta*y.

0 if A x or y is NULL else 1
  • alpha: matrix coefficient
  • A: the sparse matrix
  • x: pointer on a dense vector of size A->n
  • beta: vector coefficient
  • y: pointer on a dense vector of size A->n

CSparseMatrix *CSparseMatrix_alloc_for_copy(const CSparseMatrix *const m)

Allocate a CSparse matrix for future copy (as in NSM_copy)

an newly allocated matrix
  • m: the matrix used as model

int CSparseMatrix_check_csc(CSparseMatrix *T)

Check if the given triplet matrix is properly constructed (col and row indices are correct)

0 if the matrix is fine, 1 otherwise
  • T: the sparse matrix to check

int CSparseMatrix_check_triplet(CSparseMatrix *T)

Check if the given triplet matrix is properly constructed (col and row indices are correct)

0 if the matrix is fine, 1 otherwise
  • T: the sparse matrix to check

void CSparseMatrix_copy(const CSparseMatrix *const A, CSparseMatrix *B)

Copy a CSparseMatrix inside another CSparseMatrix.

Reallocations are performed if B cannot hold a copy of A

  • A: a CSparseMatrix
  • B: a CSparseMatrix

void CSparseMatrix_free_lu_factors(CSparseMatrix_lu_factors *cs_lu_A)

Free a workspace related to a LU factorization.

  • cs_lu_A: the structure to free

int CSparsematrix_lu_factorization(CS_INT order, const CSparseMatrix *A, double tol, CSparseMatrix_lu_factors *cs_lu_A)

compute a LU factorization of A and store it in a workspace

1 if the factorization was successful, 1 otherwise
  • order: control if ordering is used
  • A: the sparse matrix
  • tol: the tolerance
  • cs_lu_A: the parameter structure that eventually holds the factors

CSparseMatrix *CSparseMatrix_new_from_file(FILE *file)
int CSparseMatrix_print_in_file(const CSparseMatrix *A, int brief, FILE *file)

print a matrix to a text file

  • A: matrix to print
  • brief: if positive, print only a portion of the matrix
  • file: file descriptor

CS_INT CSparseMatrix_solve(CSparseMatrix_lu_factors *cs_lu_A, double *x, double *b)

reuse a LU factorization (stored in the cs_lu_A) to solve a linear system Ax = b

0 if failed, 1 otherwise
  • cs_lu_A: contains the LU factors of A, permutation information
  • x: workspace
  • b: on input RHS of the linear system; on output the solution

CSparseMatrix *CSparseMatrix_spfree_on_stack(CSparseMatrix *A)

Free space allocated for a SparseMatrix.

note : cs_spfree also free the cs_struct this fails when the struct is allocated on the stack.

NULL on success
  • A: the sparse matrix

CS_INT CSparseMatrix_to_dense(const CSparseMatrix *const A, double *B)
CS_INT CSparseMatrix_zentry(CSparseMatrix *T, CS_INT i, CS_INT j, double x)

Add an entry to a triplet matrix only if the absolute value is greater than DBL_EPSILON.

integer value : 1 if the absolute value is less than DBL_EPSILON, otherwise the return value of cs_entry.
  • T: the sparse matrix
  • i: row index
  • j: column index
  • x: the value

struct CSparseMatrix_lu_factors
#include <CSparseMatrix.h>

Information used and produced by CSparse for an LU factorization.

Public Members


size of linear system

csn *N

numerics factorization

css *S

symbolic analysis