Download Siconos


Debian packages :

Latest source release

Latest source release is downloadable in zip or tar.gz format from here:

Development sources

Siconos project is hosted on github :

and the development source code can be freely downloaded. Try for example:

git clone

As user, you will probably only need to clone the repository (as shown above) once and then just update your local copy to include the last revision:

cd /path/to/siconos
git pull

As developer, you will need to learn more about git. Check for example

Below, you can find a short git refresher:

  • bring your working copy “up-to-date” with the github repository:

    git pull --rebase
  • commit the new version of your file(s) to your local repository:

    git commit -a -m "some comments"
  • check the status of your local repository:

    git status
  • add a file to the index:

    git add filename
  • remove a file from the index:

    git rm filename
  • see diff between your branch (here master) and another one (here the remote origin):

    git diff origin master
  • see the list of files which differ:

    git diff origin master --stat
  • propagate your changes to the main repository:

    git push