Class JointStopR

Defined in Program listing for file mechanics/src/joints/JointStopR.hpp

class JointStopR : public NewtonEulerR

This class implements a stop on a DoF for any NewtonEulerJointR.

Public Functions

JointStopR(SP::NewtonEulerJointR joint, double pos, bool dir, unsigned int axis = 0)

Initialize a joint stop for a common case: a single axis with a single stop, either positive or negative.

For use with NewtonImpactNSL.

JointStopR(SP::NewtonEulerJointR joint, SP::SiconosVector pos, SP::SiconosVector dir, SP::UnsignedIntVector axes)

Initialize a multidimensional joint stop, e.g.

the cone stop on a ball joint. For use with NewtonImpactFrictionNSL size 2 or 3.

virtual ~JointStopR()