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utilities for plugin definition to compute extract a column from a matrix computed by an user-defined function.


typedef void (*matrixPlugin)(double, unsigned int, unsigned int, double *, unsigned int, double *)
class SubPluggedObject : public PluggedObject

Public Functions


Default Constructor.

SubPluggedObject(const PluggedObject &PO, const unsigned int n, const unsigned int p, const unsigned int indx = 0)

Constructor with the plugin name.

  • PO: a PluggedObject

  • n: the number of rows of the matrix

  • p: the number of column of the matrix

  • indx: the column index (optional)

SubPluggedObject(const SubPluggedObject &SPO)

Copy constructor.




void computeAndExtract(double time, unsigned int n, double *M, unsigned int sizez, double *z)

Intermediate function to compute the column of a plugged matrix.

  • time: current time

  • n: the length of the vector

  • M: the vector used for storage

  • sizez: the size of z

  • z: a vector used as a parameter

unsigned int getIndex() const
unsigned int getp() const

Get the number of row.


the number of row

void *getParentfPtr() const

Get the user defined plugin.


the user defined plugin

const SiconosMatrix &getTmpMat() const

Get the user defined plugin.


the user defined plugin

void setIndex(unsigned int newIndx)

Private Functions


serialization hooks

Private Members

unsigned int _indx

Column index.

unsigned int _p

Number of columns.

void *_parentfPtr

function pointer to the parent PluggedObject

SP::SiconosMatrix _tmpMat

Matrix to temporary storage of the output.