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class NewtonEuler3DR : public NewtonEuler1DR
#include <NewtonEuler3DR.hpp>


This class is an interface for relation with impact and FC3D. From NewtonEuler1DR, it inherits to the computation of the jacobian, this operator is use for the predictor of activation and deactivation of the Interaction. The OSNSP is build using the matrix jachqT, that is computed from the point if contact pc1, pc2 and Nc. Use this class consists in overload the method computeh, and children class has to set the menber pc1, pc2 and nc.

Public Functions

virtual ~NewtonEuler3DR()


virtual void computeJachqT(Interaction &inter, SP::BlockVector q0)
virtual void initialize(Interaction &inter)

initialize components specific to derived classes.

  • inter: the interaction using this relation

Private Functions


serialization hooks

void FC3DcomputeJachqTFromContacts(SP::SiconosVector q1)
void FC3DcomputeJachqTFromContacts(SP::SiconosVector q1, SP::SiconosVector q2)