Struct NumericsMatrix#

Defined in Program listing for file numerics/src/tools/NumericsMatrix.h

struct NumericsMatrix

Interface to different type of matrices in numerics component.

See NM_* functions for linear algebra operations on dense, sparse block and sparse storage.

Public Members

NM_types storageType

the type of storage: 0: dense (double*), 1: SparseBlockStructuredMatrix, 2: classical sparse (csc, csr or triplet) via CSparse (from T.


int size0

number of rows

int size1

number of columns

double *matrix0

dense storage

SparseBlockStructuredMatrix *matrix1

sparse block storage

NumericsSparseMatrix *matrix2

csc, csr or triplet storage

NumericsMatrixInternalData *internalData

internal storage, used for workspace among other things

NumericsMatrix *destructible

pointer on the destructible matrix, by default points toward the matrix itself