Class TimeSteppingDirectProjection

Defined in Program listing for file kernel/src/simulationTools/TimeSteppingDirectProjection.hpp

class TimeSteppingDirectProjection : public TimeStepping

Time-Stepping scheme with a direct projection onto the constraint thanks to the GGL augmentation of the system.

For details, have a look on Projected event-capturing time-stepping schemes for nonsmooth mechanical systems with unilateral contact and Coulomb’s friction Vincent Acary Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Elsevier, 2013, 256, pp. 224-250

Public Functions

TimeSteppingDirectProjection(SP::NonSmoothDynamicalSystem nsds, SP::TimeDiscretisation td, SP::OneStepIntegrator osi, SP::OneStepNSProblem osnspb_velo, SP::OneStepNSProblem osnspb_pos, unsigned int _level = 1)

Constructor with the time-discretisation.

  • nsds: the nsds that we want to simulate

  • td: a pointer to a timeDiscretisation (linked to the model that owns this simulation)

  • osi: a one step integrator

  • osnspb_velo: a one step non smooth problem for the velocity formulation

  • osnspb_pos: a one step non smooth problem for the position formulation

  • _level:


default constructor


visitors hook

void advanceToEvent()

step from current event to next event of EventsManager

virtual void initOSNS()

initialisation for OneStepNSProblem.

unsigned int nbProjectionIteration()

get the Number of iteration of projection