File control/src/Simulation/ControlSimulation.hpp

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Abstract class - General interface for all Control Dynamical Systems.

class ControlSimulation

Subclassed by ControlLsodarSimulation, ControlZOHSimulation

Public Functions

virtual ~ControlSimulation()


void addActuator(SP::Actuator actuator, const double h)

Add an Actuator.

  • actuator: the controller to be added

  • h: sampling period (or timestep) for the Actuator

void addDynamicalSystem(SP::DynamicalSystem ds, const std::string &name = "")

Add a DynamicalSystem.

  • ds: the DynamicalSystem to integrate

  • name: of the ds (optional)

void addObserver(SP::Observer observer, const double h)

Add an Observer.

  • observer: the observer to be added

  • h: sampling period (or timestep) for the Observer

void addSensor(SP::Sensor sensor, const double h)

Add a Sensor.

  • sensor: the sensor to be added

  • h: sampling period (or timestep) for the Sensor

SP::ControlManager CM() const

Return the ControlManager.


the ControlManager

SP::SimpleMatrix data() const

Return the data matrix.


the data matrix

std::string dataLegend() const

get the legend for the matrix


legend as string of space seperated values

double elapsedTime() const


the elapsed time computing in seconds

void initialize()

Initialize the ControlSimulation, instantiate all objects.

SP::OneStepIntegrator integrator() const

Return the OneStepIntegrator.


the Integrator

SP::NonSmoothDynamicalSystem model() const

Return the NonSmoothDynamicalSystem.


the NonSmoothDynamicalSystem

virtual void run() = 0

Run the simulation.

void setSaveOnlyMainSimulation(bool v)

Set the value of _saveOnlyMainSimulation.

  • v: a boolean

void setTheta(unsigned int newTheta)

Modify the value of theta (for MoreauJeanOSI)

  • newTheta: the new value of theta

void silent(bool s = true)

Set the simulation to be silent, e.g.

do not show any progress bar

  • s: is true is silent, else display progress bar

SP::Simulation simulation() const

Return the Simulation.


the simulation for the main simulation

void storeData(unsigned indx)

store the simulation data in a row of the matrix

  • indx: the current row index

Protected Functions


default constructor

ControlSimulation(double t0, double T, double h)

Constructor with the minimal set of data.

  • t0: the starting time \(t_0\)

  • T: the end time T

  • h: the simulation time step

Protected Attributes

SP::ControlManager _CM

the ControlManager

std::string _dataLegend

Legend for the columns in the matrix _dataM.

SP::SimpleMatrix _dataM

Matrix for saving result.

SP::DynamicalSystemsGraph _DSG0

DynamicalSystemsGraph (for convenience)

double _elapsedTime

Time spent computing.

double _h

Simulation step.

SP::InteractionsGraph _IG0

InteractionsGraph (for convenience)

unsigned _N

rough estimation of the number of points to save

unsigned _nDim

Dimension of the state space.

SP::NonSmoothDynamicalSystem _nsds


SP::OneStepIntegrator _processIntegrator

The integrator.

SP::Simulation _processSimulation

The Simulation.

SP::TimeDiscretisation _processTD

TimeDiscretisation for the simulation.

bool _saveOnlyMainSimulation

Save only the data in the main Simulation.

bool _silent

If true, do not show progress of the simulation.

double _T

End time.

double _t0

Starting time.

double _theta

Theta for MoreauJeanOSI.

Private Functions


serialization hooks