File numerics/src/FrictionContact/grfc3d_Solvers.h#

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Subroutines for the resolution of contact problems with rolling friction (3-dimensional and 2-dimensional case).


typedef void (*ComputeErrorGlobalRollingPtr)(GlobalRollingFrictionContactProblem*, double*, double*, double*, double, double*, int)#

pointer to function used to update velocity and compute error


void grfc3d_nsgs_wr(GlobalRollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, double *reaction, double *velocity, double *globalVelocity, int *info, SolverOptions *options)#

Non-Smooth Gauss Seidel solver with reformulation for rolling friction-contact 3D problem.

  • problem – the friction-contact 3D problem to solve

  • velocity – global vector (n), in-out parameter

  • reaction – global vector (n), in-out parameters

  • globalVelocity – global vector (m), in-out parameters

  • info – return 0 if the solution is found

  • options – the solver options : iparam[0] : Maximum iteration number iparam[4] : localsolver choice 0: projection on Cone, 1: Newton/AlartCurnier, 2: projection on Cone with local iteration, 2: projection on Disk with diagonalization, dparam[0] : tolerance dparam[2] : localtolerance dparam[1] : (out) error

int grfc3d_checkTrivialCaseGlobal(int n, double *q, double *velocity, double *reaction, double *globalVelocity, SolverOptions *options)#
void grfc3d_IPM_init(GlobalRollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, SolverOptions *options)#
void grfc3d_IPM_free(GlobalRollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, SolverOptions *options)#
void grfc3d_IPM_set_default(SolverOptions *options)#
void grfc3d_IPM(GlobalRollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, double *reaction, double *velocity, double *globalVelocity, int *info, SolverOptions *options)#

solver based on Interior Point Method (IPM) for Rolling friction-contact 3D problem based on an AVI reformulation Vincent Acary, Paul Armand, Hoang Minh NGUYEN.

High-accuracy computation of rolling friction contact problems. 2022.