File numerics/src/FrictionContact/FrictionContactProblem_as_VI.h

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Definition of a structure to handle with friction-contact (2D or 3D) problems.


void Function_VI_FC3D(void *self, int n, double *x, double *F)
void Projection_VI_FC3D(void *viIn, double *x, double *PX)
void Function_VI_FC3D_Cylinder(void *self, int n, double *x, double *F)
void Projection_VI_FC3D_Cylinder(void *viIn, double *x, double *PX)
void Function_VI_FC3D_Disk(void *self, int n, double *x, double *F)
void Projection_VI_FC3D_Disk(void *viIn, double *x, double *PX)
struct FrictionContactProblem_as_VI

Public Members

VariationalInequality *vi
FrictionContactProblem *fc3d
SolverOptions *options