Friction-Contact solvers

This page gives an overview of the available solvers for friction-contact (2D and 3D) problems and their required parameters.

For each solver, the input argument are:

  • a FrictionContactProblem
  • the unknowns (reaction,velocity)
  • info, the termination value (0: convergence, >0 problem which depends on the solver)
  • a SolverOptions structure, which handles iparam and dparam

2D solvers


function: pfc_2D_cpg()


  • iparam[0] (in), the maximum number of iterations allowed,
  • iparam[1] (out), the number of iterations performed by the algorithm.
  • dparam[0] (in), the tolerance required,
  • dparam[1] (out), the residu.

3D solvers

Non-Smooth Gauss Seidel

function: fc3d_nsgs()