siconos.numerics.VI (Python class)

class siconos.numerics.VI(*args)[source]

Bases: object

  • compute_nabla_F (ptrFunctionVI_nabla) – Function to compute the jacobian of F.
  • env (None *) – pointer onto env object (which is self is the simplest case)
  • F (ptrFunctionVI) – Function of the VI.
  • istheNormVIset (int) – Boolean to know if the norm is set If not (istheNormVIset=0) it will be computed in the first call of variationalInequality_computeError By default, set istheNormVIset =0.
  • nabla_F (NumericsMatrix *) – storage for \(\nabla_x F\)
  • normVI (double) – Norm of the VI problem to compute relative solution.
  • ProjectionOnX (None(*) – Projection on X of the VI.
  • set (None *) – opaque struct that represent the set K (possibly empty)
  • size (int) – size of the VI \(n\)