SolverOptions (functions)

siconos.numerics.ns_problem_id_to_name(int id) → char *[source]

return the name of a problem type (LCP, NCP, VI, …) based on its id

Parameters:id – the id of the problem
Returns:the name of the problem

siconos.numerics.solver_options_copy(SolverOptions *options_ori, SolverOptions *options) → None[source]

copy SolverOptions

  • options_ori – the structure to copy
  • options – the output structure

siconos.numerics.solver_options_delete(SolverOptions *options) → None[source]

free some SolverOptions fields;

Parameters:options – the structure to clean

siconos.numerics.solver_options_fill(SolverOptions *options, int solverId, int iSize, int dSize, int iter_max, double tol) → None[source]

fill a SolverOptions struct: set fields, allocate memory and set common values

  • options – struct to fill
  • solverId – identity of the solver
  • iSize – size of the iparam field (integer parameters)
  • dSize – size of the dparam field (double parameters)
  • iter_max – maximum number of iterations before the solver stops if this does not make sense or is unwanted, give inf as value
  • tol – tolerance for the solution. if this does not make sense or is unwanted, give inf as value

siconos.numerics.solver_options_free_solver_specific_data(SolverOptions *options) → None[source]

free the solverData structure

Parameters:options – the structure to free

siconos.numerics.solver_options_get_internal_solver(SolverOptions *options, int n) → SolverOptions *[source]

siconos.numerics.solver_options_id_to_name(int Id) → char *[source]

return the name of a solver given its id

Parameters:Id – the id of the solver
Returns:the name of the solver

siconos.numerics.solver_options_name_to_id(char *pName) → int[source]

return the id of a solver based on its name

Parameters:pName – the name of the solver
Returns:the id of the solver or 0 if it failed

siconos.numerics.solver_options_nullify(SolverOptions *options) → None[source]

siconos.numerics.solver_options_print(SolverOptions *options) → None[source]

screen display of solver parameters

Parameters:options – the structure to be displayed

siconos.numerics.solver_options_set(SolverOptions *options, int solverId) → None[source]

set parameters in SolverOption.

This function should be used instead of rewrittent each time a new function for setting the parameters

  • options – the struct to set
  • solverId – the id of the solver