siconos.numerics.SolverOptions (Python class)

class siconos.numerics.SolverOptions(*args)[source]

Bases: object

  • callback (Callback *) – callback a pointer to user Callback

  • dparam (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – dparam a list of double parameters (depends on each solver, see solver doc)

  • dSize (int) – dSize size of vector dparam

  • dWork (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – dWork is a pointer on a working memory zone (for doubles) reserved for the solver .

  • dWorkSize (int) – dWorkSize size of vector iWork

  • filterOn (int) – filterOn 1 to check solution validity after the driver call, else 0.

    Default = 1. (For example if filterOn = 1 for a LCP, lcp_compute_error() will be called at the end of the process)

  • internalSolvers (struct SolverOptions *) – internalSolvers pointer to sub-solvers

  • iparam (int *) – iparam a list of int parameters (depends on each solver, see solver doc)

  • iSize (int) – iSize size of vector iparam

  • isSet (int) – isSet int equal to false(0) if the parameters below have not been set (ie need to read default values) else true(1)

  • iWork (int *) – iWork is a pointer on a working memory zone (for integers) reserved for the solver .

  • iWorkSize (int) – iWorkSize size of vector iWork

  • numberOfInternalSolvers (int) – numberOfInternalSolvers the number of internal or local ‘sub-solvers’ used by the solver

  • solverData (None *) – additional data specific to the solver

  • solverId (int) – solverId Id of the solver (see )

  • solverParameters (None *) – additional parameters specific to the solver