siconos.numerics.AVI (Python class)

class siconos.numerics.AVI(*args)[source]

Bases: object

Structure that contains and defines an AVI.

The problem is : given a matrix \(M\) and a vector \(q\), find \(z\) such that

\[\langle x - z, q + Mz \rangle \geq 0 \ \text{for all }x\in K\]


Generated class (swig), based on C++ header Program listing for file numerics/src/AVI/AffineVariationalInequalities.h.

  • cones (None *) – Non-polyhedral Cones where the variable lives (not implemented yet)
  • d (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – Covering vector (optional)
  • lb (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – Lower bounds for the variables.
  • M (NumericsMatrix *) – M matrix of the AVI (see the mathematical description)
  • poly (polyhedron_set) – Polyhedra where the solution has to belong.
  • q (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – vector of the AVI (see the mathematical description)
  • size (` int`) – size of the problem
  • ub (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – Upper bounds for the variables.