siconos.mechanics.joints.KneeJointR (Python class)

class siconos.mechanics.joints.KneeJointR(*args)[source]

Bases: siconos.mechanics.joints.NewtonEulerJointR

This class implements a knee joint between one or two Newton/Euler Dynamical system.

Generated class (swig), based on C++ header Program listing for file mechanics/src/joints/KneeJointR.hpp.



Empty constructor.

The relation may be initialized later by setPoint, setAbsolute, and setBasePositions.

KneeJointR(array_like (np.float64, 1D) P, bool absoluteRef, NewtonEulerDS d1=NewtonEulerDS(), NewtonEulerDS d2=NewtonEulerDS())

Constructor based on one or two dynamical systems and a point.

  • d1 – first DynamicalSystem linked by the joint.
  • d2 – second DynamicalSystem linked by the joint, or NULL for absolute frame.
  • P – SiconosVector of size 3 that defines the point around which rotation is allowed.
  • absoluteRef – if true, P is in the absolute frame, otherwise P is in d1 frame.
P() -> array_like (np.float64, 1D)[source]
checkInitPos(array_like (np.float64, 1D) q1, array_like (np.float64, 1D) q2) → None[source]

Warning - Overloaded function : multiple signatures available, check prototypes below.

computeDotJachq(double time, BlockVector workQ, BlockVector workZ, BlockVector workQdot) → None[source]
computeDotJachq(double time, array_like (np.float64, 1D) qdot1, array_like (np.float64, 1D) qdot2=array_like (np.float64, 1D)()) → None[source]
computeJachq(double time, Interaction inter, BlockVector q0) → None[source]
computeh(double time, BlockVector q0, array_like (np.float64, 1D) y) → None[source]
initialize(Interaction inter) → None[source]
numberOfConstraints() → int[source]

Get the number of constraints defined in the joint.

Returns:the number of constraints
numberOfDoF() → int[source]

Get the number of degrees of freedom defined in the joint.

Returns:the number of degrees of freedom (DoF)
setBasePositions(array_like (np.float64, 1D) q1, array_like (np.float64, 1D) q2=array_like (np.float64, 1D)()) → None[source]

Initialize the joint constants based on the provided base positions.

  • q1 – A SiconosVector of size 7 indicating translation and orientation in inertial coordinates.
  • q2 – An optional SiconosVector of size 7 indicating translation and orientation; if null, the inertial frame will be considered as the second base.
typeOfDoF(int axis) → DoF_Type[source]

Return the type of a degree of freedom of this joint.

Returns:the type of the degree of freedom (DoF)