siconos.mechanics.joints.JointFrictionR (Python class)

class siconos.mechanics.joints.JointFrictionR(*args)[source]

Bases: siconos.kernel.NewtonEulerR

This class implements a friction on a DoF for any NewtonEulerJointR.

Generated class (swig), based on C++ header Program listing for file mechanics/src/joints/JointFrictionR.hpp.


JointFrictionR(NewtonEulerJointR joint, int axis)

Initialize a joint friction for a common case: a single axis with a single friction, either positive or negative.

For use with NewtonImpactNSL.

JointFrictionR(NewtonEulerJointR joint, UnsignedIntVector axes=UnsignedIntVector())

Initialize a multidimensional joint friction, e.g.

the cone friction on a ball joint. For use with NewtonImpactFrictionNSL size 2 or 3.

axis(int _index) → int[source]
computeJachq(double time, Interaction inter, BlockVector q0) → None[source]
computeh(double time, BlockVector q0, array_like (np.float64, 1D) y) → None[source]
joint() → NewtonEulerJointR[source]
numberOfAxes() → int[source]
numberOfConstraints() → int[source]