siconos.mechanics.collision.base.SiconosCollisionQueryResult (Python class)

class siconos.mechanics.collision.base.SiconosCollisionQueryResult[source]

Bases: object

Holds one result of a line segment intersection query against the graph of body contactors maintained by a SiconosCollisionManager.

Generated class (swig), based on C++ header Program listing for file mechanics/src/collision/SiconosCollisionQueryResult.hpp.

  • body (BodyDS) – Body owning the contactor that was intersected, may be null for static contactors.
  • contactor (SiconosContactor) – The contactor that was intersected.
  • distance (double) – Distance from reference point (start of line segment or query center)
  • point (array_like (np.float64, 1D)) – Closest point on contactor in world coordinates.
  • shape (SiconosShape) – The shape that was intersected.