siconos.kernel.HarmonicBC (Python class)

class siconos.kernel.HarmonicBC(*args)[source]

Bases: siconos.kernel.BoundaryCondition

This class models a simple harmonic boundary conditions for prescribing the velocities in a Dynamical System.

A simple boundary condition is considered to fix a component \(j\) of the velocity vector, i.e., \(v_j(t) = a + b cos( \omega t+ \phi)\).

Generated class (swig), based on C++ header Program listing for file kernel/src/modelingTools/HarmonicBC.hpp.


HarmonicBC(UnsignedIntVector newVelocityIndices, double a, double b, double omega, double phi)


  • newVelocityIndices – the indices of the velocity subjected to prescribed velocities
  • a – constant value for additive term of the prescribed velocity
  • b – constant value for multiplicative term of the prescribed velocity
  • omega – frequency
  • phi – phase
HarmonicBC(UnsignedIntVector newVelocityIndices, array_like (np.float64, 1D) a, array_like (np.float64, 1D) b, array_like (np.float64, 1D) omega, array_like (np.float64, 1D) phi)
computePrescribedVelocity(double time) → None[source]

default function to compute the precribed velocities

Parameters:time – : the current time