siconos.control.controller.LinearSMCOT2 (Python class)

class siconos.control.controller.LinearSMCOT2(sensor: SP::ControlSensor)[source]

Bases: siconos.control.controller.CommonSMC


LinearSMCOT2(ControlSensor sensor)


Parameters:sensor – the ControlSensor feeding the Actuator
actuate() → None[source]

Compute the new control law at each event Here we are using the following formula: TODO.

initialize(NonSmoothDynamicalSystem nsds, Simulation s) → None[source]

initialize actuator data.

  • nsds – current nonsmooth dynamical system
  • s – current simulation setup
setTimeDiscretisation(TimeDiscretisation td) → None[source]

This is derived in child classes if they need to copy the TimeDiscretisation associated with this Sensor.

Parameters:td – the TimeDiscretisation for this Sensor