Struct GlobalFrictionContactProblem

Defined in Program listing for file numerics/src/FrictionContact/GlobalFrictionContactProblem.h

struct GlobalFrictionContactProblem

The structure that defines a Friction-Contact (3D or 2D ) problem.

Public Members

int dimension

dimension \( d=2 \) or \( d=3 \) of the contact space (3D or 2D )

int numberOfContacts

the number of contacts \( n_c \)

NumericsMatrix *M

\( M \in {\mathrm{I\!R}}^{n \times n} \), a matrix with \( n\) stored in NumericsMatrix structure

NumericsMatrix *H

\( {H} \in {{\mathrm{I\!R}}}^{n \times m} \), a matrix with \( m = d n_c\) stored in NumericsMatrix structure

double *q

\( {q} \in {{\mathrm{I\!R}}}^{n} \)

double norm_q

norm-2 of q

double *b

\( {b} \in {{\mathrm{I\!R}}}^{m} \)

double norm_b

norm-2 of b

double *mu

\( {\mu} \in {{\mathrm{I\!R}}}^{n_c} \), vector of friction coefficients ( \( n_c = \) numberOfContacts)

NumericsMatrix *M_inverse

\( M^{-1} \in {\mathrm{I\!R}}^{n \times n} \), a matrix with \( n \) stored in NumericsMatrix structure

void *env

opaque environment, solver specific