File numerics/src/FrictionContact/rolling_fc3d_compute_error.h

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functions related to error computation for friction-contact problems


int rolling_fc3d_compute_error(RollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, double *z, double *w, double tolerance, SolverOptions *options, double norm, double *error)

Error computation (using the normal map residual) for friction-contact 3D problem.


0 if ok

  • problem: the structure which defines the friction-contact problem

  • z: vector

  • w: vector

  • tolerance: value for error computation

  • options:

  • norm: norm of a vector (problem->q) for relative error

  • [inout] error: value

void rolling_fc3d_unitary_compute_and_add_error(double r[3], double u[3], double mu, double mur, double *error, double *worktmp)

Error computation (using the normal map residual) for one friction-contact 3D problem.

  • r: the reaction force

  • u: the local velocity

  • mu: coeficient of friction

  • worktmp: work vector

  • [inout] error: value