File numerics/src/FrictionContact/rolling_fc3d_Solvers.h

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typedef void (*internalRollingSolverPtr)(RollingFrictionContactProblem *, double *, double *, int *, SolverOptions *)

pointer to function used to call internal solver for proximal point solver

typedef void (*RollingComputeErrorPtr)(RollingFrictionContactProblem *, double *, double *, double, SolverOptions *, double, double *)

pointer to function used to update velocity and compute error

typedef void (*RollingFreeSolverNSGSPtr)(RollingFrictionContactProblem *, RollingFrictionContactProblem *, SolverOptions *)

pointer to function used to free memory for objects used in nsgs solvers

typedef void (*RollingFreeSolverPtr)()

pointer to function used to free memory for objects used in solvers

typedef void (*RollingPostSolverPtr)(int, double *)

pointer to function used to post-processed results after a call to the (local) solver

typedef int (*RollingSolverPtr)(RollingFrictionContactProblem *, double *, SolverOptions *)

pointer to function used to call local solver

typedef void (*RollingUpdatePtr)(int, RollingFrictionContactProblem *, RollingFrictionContactProblem *, double *, SolverOptions *)

pointer to function used to update local problem


void rfc3d_nsgs_set_default(SolverOptions *options)
void rfc3d_poc_set_default(SolverOptions *options)
void rfc3d_poc_withLocalIteration_set_default(SolverOptions *options)
int rolling_fc3d_checkTrivialCase(RollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, double *velocity, double *reaction, SolverOptions *options)

Check for trivial solution in the friction-contact 3D problem.


info =0 if a trivial solution has been found, else = -1

  • problem: FrictionContactProblem* the problem

  • velocity: global vector (n), in-out parameter

  • reaction: global vector (n), in-out parameters

  • options: the pointer to the array of options to set

void rolling_fc3d_nsgs(RollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, double *reaction, double *velocity, int *info, SolverOptions *options)

Non-Smooth Gauss Seidel solver for friction-contact 3D problem.

[in] iparam[SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_IPARAM_ERROR_EVALUATION (7)] : error computation method : SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_ERROR_EVALUATION_FULL (0) : Full error computation with velocity computation SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_ERROR_EVALUATION_LIGHT_WITH_FULL_FINAL (1) : Light error computation with incremental values on reaction verification of absolute error at the end SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_ERROR_EVALUATION_LIGHT (2) : only light error computation (velocity not computed) SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_ERROR_EVALUATION_ADAPTIVE (3) : we adapt the frequency of the full erro evaluation.

  • problem: the friction-contact 3D problem to solve

  • velocity: global vector (n), in-out parameter

  • reaction: global vector (n), in-out parameters

  • info: return 0 if the solution is found

  • options: the solver options : [in] iparam[0] : Maximum iteration number

[in] iparam[SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_FILTER_LOCAL_SOLUTION(14)] : filter local solution if the local error is greater than 1.0 SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_FILTER_LOCAL_SOLUTION_FALSE (0) the filter is not applied SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_FILTER_LOCAL_SOLUTION_TRUE (1) the filter is applied

[in] iparam[SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_RELAXATION(4)] : method uses overrelaxation SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_RELAXATION_FALSE (0) relaxation is not used, SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_RELAXATION_TRUE (1) relaxation is used with parameter dparam[8],

[in] iparam[SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_SHUFFLE(5)] : shuffle the contact indices in the loop SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_SHUFFLE_FALSE (0) : no shuffle SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_SHUFFLE_TRUE (1) : shuffle only at the beginning SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_SHUFFLE_TRUE_EACH_LOOP (2) : shuffle in each iteration

[in] iparam[SICONOS_FRICTION_3D_NSGS_SHUFFLE_SEED(6)] : seed for the random generator in shuffling contacts

[out] iparam[SICONOS_IPARAM_ITER_DONE(1)] = iter number of performed iterations

[in] iparam[8] = error computation frequency

[in] dparam[SICONOS_DPARAM_TOL(0)] user tolerance on the loop [in] dparam[8] the relaxation parameter omega [out] dparam[SICONOS_DPARAM_RESIDU(1)] reached error

The internal (local) solver must set by the SolverOptions options[1]

void rolling_fc3d_nsgs_initialize_local_solver(RollingSolverPtr *solve, RollingUpdatePtr *update, RollingFreeSolverNSGSPtr *freeSolver, RollingComputeErrorPtr *computeError, RollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, RollingFrictionContactProblem *localproblem, SolverOptions *options)
void rolling_fc3d_set_internalsolver_tolerance(RollingFrictionContactProblem *problem, SolverOptions *options, SolverOptions *internalsolver_options, double error)