File numerics/src/FrictionContact/fc3d_nonsmooth_Newton_FischerBurmeister.h

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Typedef and functions declarations related to Fischer-Burmeister formulation for 3 dimension frictional contact problems in Local Coordinates.

Subroutines used when the friction-contact 3D problem is written using Fischer-Burmeister formulation:


where M is an n by n matrix, q an n-dimensional vector, reaction an n-dimensional vector and velocity an n-dimensional vector.

We consider a “global” (ie for several contacts) problem, used to initialize the static global variables.


typedef void (*FischerBurmeisterFun3x3Ptr)(double *reaction, double *velocity, double mu, double *rho, double *F, double *A, double *B)

The Fischer Burmeister function signature for a 3x3 block.


void fc3d_FischerBurmeisterFunction(unsigned int problemSize, FischerBurmeisterFun3x3Ptr computeACFun3x3, double *reaction3D, double *velocity3D, double *mu, double *rho3D, double *output_blocklist3, double *output_blocklist3x3_1, double *output_blocklist3x3_2)

The Fischer & Burmeister function for several contacts.

On each contact, the specified Fischer Burmeister function in iparam[9] is called.

  • problemSize: the number of contacts.

  • computeACFun3x3: the block 3x3 Fischer & Burmeister function.

  • reaction3D: the reactions at each contact (size: 3 x problemSize)

  • velocity3D: the velocities at each contact (size: 3 x problemSize)

  • mu: the mu parameter (size : problemSize)

  • rho3D: the rho parameters (size : 3 x problemSize)

  • output_blocklist3: the computed Fischer & Burmeister function (size : 3 x problemSize)

  • output_blocklist3x3_1: the computed A part of gradient (size : 9 x problemSize)

  • output_blocklist3x3_2: the computed B param of gradient (size : 9 x problemSize)

void fc3d_nonsmooth_Newton_FischerBurmeister(FrictionContactProblem *problem, double *reaction, double *velocity, int *info, SolverOptions *options)

Nonsmooth Newton solver based on the FischerBurmeister function for the local (reduced) frictional contact problem in the dense form.

  • problem: the problem to solve in dense or sparse block form

  • reaction: solution and initial guess for reaction

  • velocity: solution and initial guess for velocity

  • info: returned info

  • options: the solver options

int fc3d_nonsmooth_Newton_FischerBurmeister_compute_error(FrictionContactProblem *problem, double *z, double *w, double tolerance, SolverOptions *options, double *error)