File numerics/src/FrictionContact/fc3d_Path.h

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Typedef and functions declarations related to NCP-Path solver for 3 dimension frictional contact problems.

Each solver must have 4 functions in its interface:

  • initialize: link local static variables to the global ones (M,q,…)

  • update: link/fill the local variables corresponding to sub-blocks of the full problem, for a specific contact

  • solve: solve the local problem

  • free


void fc3d_Path_computeError(int dimension, double *velocity, double *reaction, double *output_error)

compute error for friction-contact 3D problem with Path


in-out parameter )

  • dimension: of the global problem

  • [inout] velocity: vector (

  • reaction: vector

  • output_error:

void fc3d_Path_free(void)

free memory for friction contact 3D Path solver

void fc3d_Path_initialize(FrictionContactProblem *problem, FrictionContactProblem *localproblem, SolverOptions *localsolver_options)

Initialize friction-contact 3D Path solver.

  • problem: to solve

  • localproblem: to solve

  • localsolver_options: of the solver

int fc3d_Path_solve(FrictionContactProblem *localproblem, double *reaction, SolverOptions *options)

solve friction-contact 3D problem with Path


if sucessfull

  • localproblem: to solve

  • reaction:

  • options: of the solver