File numerics/src/Relay/RelayProblem.h

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Structure used to define a Relay (dual or primal) Problem.


void freeRelay_problem(RelayProblem *problem)
void Relay_display(RelayProblem *p)

Relay_display displays on screen a Relay_problem.

  • p: Relay_problem to be displayed

int relay_newFromFile(RelayProblem *problem, FILE *file)
int relay_printInFile(RelayProblem *problem, FILE *file)
struct RelayProblem
#include <RelayProblem.h>

Struct defining a Relay problem.

Public Members

double *lb

lb upper bound

NumericsMatrix *M

M matrix of the Relay.

double *q

q vector

int size

size dim of the problem

double *ub

ub lower bound