File numerics/src/tools/InterfaceToPathFerris/Path_interface.h

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void SN_path_interface(MCP_Interface *mcp_interface, double *z, double *F, int *info, double *dparam, int *iparam)

Interface to the PATH solver.

  • mcp_interface: data structure for PATH
  • z: solution
  • F: value of the function at the solution
  • info: return code from PATH
  • dparam: set of double parameters
  • iparam: set of integer parameters

struct SN_generic_path_env
#include <Path_interface.h>

structure for use in PATH

Public Members

double *f

current value of the function

double *lb

lower bounds

int n

Size of the problem.

int nnz

number of non-zero elements

void *problem

problem data

double *ub

upper bounds

double *z

current iterate