File numerics/src/tools/NumericsArrays.h#

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Header to collect basic tools for integer arrays


void NA_diffns(int *na, int *a, int *nb, int *b, int *nc, int *c)#

Input na, a, nb, b Output nc, c a and b: interger vectors in increasing order c : vector of integers of a that are not in b.

void NA_sortsn_(int *ddl_i, int *sort, int *n)#
size_t NA_rm_duplicate(size_t *arr, size_t len)#
void NA_sort_bubble(size_t *arr, size_t len)#
void NA_merge_sorted_arrays(size_t *arr1, size_t *arr2, size_t n1, size_t n2, size_t *arr3)#
size_t NA_merge_and_sort_sorted_arrays(size_t *arr1, size_t *arr2, size_t n1, size_t n2, size_t *arr3)#
void NA_display(size_t *arr1, size_t n1)#
void uint_swap(unsigned int *a, unsigned int *b)#
void uint_shuffle(unsigned int *a, unsigned int n)#