File numerics/src/MLCP/NonSmoothNewtonNeighbour.h

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Typedef and functions declarations related to non-smooth Newton solver

Solve \( \phi(z) = 0 \) using a Newton method.

The algorithm is alg 4.1 of the paper of Kanzow and Kleinmichel, “A new class of semismooth Newton-type methods

for nonlinear complementarity problems”, in Computational Optimization and Applications, 11, 227-251 (1998).


double *nonSmoothNewtonNeighInitMemory(int n, double *dWork, int *iWork)
int nonSmoothNewtonNeigh(int, double*, NewtonFunctionPtr*, NewtonFunctionPtr*, int*, double*)
int nonSmoothNewtonNeigh_getNbIWork(int n, int m)
int nonSmoothNewtonNeigh_getNbDWork(int n, int m)
void NSNN_thisIsTheSolution(int n, double *z)
void NSNN_reset(void)