File mechanics/src/collision/SiconosContactor.hpp

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Definition of an abstract contactor.

class SiconosContactor
#include <SiconosContactor.hpp>

Class to hold the shape assigned to a body, and to associate each shape with an offset and collision group.

Public Functions

SiconosContactor(SP::SiconosShape _shape, SP::SiconosVector _offset = SP::SiconosVector(), int _collision_group = 0)

Public Members

int collision_group
SP::SiconosVector offset
SP::SiconosShape shape

Protected Functions


serialization hooks

Private Functions

class SiconosContactorSet : public std::vector<SP::SiconosContactor>

Public Types

typedef std::vector<SP::SiconosContactor>::iterator iterator

Public Functions

void append(SP::SiconosContactor b)
void append(std::vector<SP::SiconosContactor> b)
void append(const SiconosContactorSet &b)
void append(const SP::SiconosContactorSet &b)

Protected Functions


serialization hooks