File mechanics/src/collision/RigidBodyDS.hpp

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Definition of an abstract 3D rigid body above NewtonEulerDS.

class RigidBodyDS : public NewtonEulerDS, public std::enable_shared_from_this<RigidBodyDS>

Public Functions

RigidBodyDS(SP::SiconosVector position, SP::SiconosVector velocity, double mass, SP::SimpleMatrix inertia = SP::SimpleMatrix())
virtual ~RigidBodyDS()

visitors hook

bool allowSelfCollide()

Return the value of the _allowSelfCollide flag.

virtual SP::SiconosVector base_position()

Make the base position of the contactors equal to the DS q vector.


a SP::SiconosVector

SP::SiconosContactorSet contactors() const

Access the contactor set associated with this body.


A SP::SiconosContactorSet

void setAllowSelfCollide(bool x)

Set the value of the _allowSelfCollide flag.

void setContactors(SP::SiconosContactorSet c)

Provide a set of contactors to the body.

  • c: A SP::SiconosContactorSet

void setUseContactorInertia(bool use)
bool useContactorInertia()

Protected Functions


serialization hooks

Protected Attributes

bool _allowSelfCollide

If false, bodies connected to this body by a joint will not collide.

See also NewtonEulerJointR::_allowSelfCollide

SP::SiconosContactorSet _contactors
bool _useContactorInertia