File mechanics/src/collision/ContactR.hpp

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class ContactR : public NewtonEuler3DR

Public Functions

virtual void computeh(double time, BlockVector &q0, SiconosVector &y)
virtual void preDelete()
virtual void updateContactPoints(const SiconosVector &pos1, const SiconosVector &pos2, const SiconosVector &normal)

Update this contact point information.

  • pos1: Position on ds1 in ds1 frame.

  • pos2: Position on ds2 in ds2 frame (or world frame if ds2=null).

  • normal: Normal in ds2 frame (or world frame if ds2=null).

Public Members

SP::SiconosVector base[2]
SP::SiconosContactor contactor[2]
SP::RigidBodyDS ds[2]
SP::SiconosShape shape[2]

Private Functions


serialization hooks