Class SiconosShape

Defined in Program listing for file mechanics/src/collision/SiconosShape.hpp

class SiconosShape

Subclassed by SiconosBox, SiconosBox2d, SiconosCapsule, SiconosCone, SiconosConvexHull, SiconosConvexHull2d, SiconosCylinder, SiconosDisk, SiconosHeightMap, SiconosMesh, SiconosPlane, SiconosSphere

Public Functions

void setInsideMargin(double margin)

Set the inside margin of the shape.

This is a distance that the contour should be shrunk to improve contact detection robustness. It will have an effect on the roundness of corners.

void setOutsideMargin(double margin)

Set the outside margin of the shape.

This is the distance from the contact shell to an external shell used to detect contacts in advance. The implementation will detect contact points on the external shell and project them back to the contact shell. Note: Currently not working in Bullet implementation! Better to leave at zero.


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