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Template class to define a graph of Siconos object.

Note: this needs documentation




enum vertex_properties_t


enumerator vertex_properties
enum edge_properties_t


enumerator edge_properties
enum graph_properties_t


enumerator graph_properties
enum vertex_siconos_bundle_t


enumerator vertex_siconos_bundle
enum edge_siconos_bundle_t


enumerator edge_siconos_bundle
template<class V, class E, class VProperties, class EProperties, class GProperties>
class SiconosGraph

Public Types

typedef boost::adjacency_list<boost::listS, boost::listS, boost::undirectedS> proxy_graph_t
typedef boost::graph_traits<proxy_graph_t>::edge_descriptor EDescriptor
typedef boost::graph_traits<proxy_graph_t>::vertex_descriptor VDescriptor
typedef boost::adjacency_list<boost::listS, boost::listS, boost::undirectedS, boost::property<vertex_siconos_bundle_t, V, boost::property<boost::vertex_color_t, boost::default_color_type, boost::property<boost::vertex_index_t, size_t, boost::property<vertex_properties_t, VProperties>>>>, boost::property<edge_siconos_bundle_t, E, boost::property<boost::edge_color_t, boost::default_color_type, boost::property<boost::edge_index_t, size_t, boost::property<edge_properties_t, EProperties>>>>, boost::property<graph_properties_t, GProperties>> graph_t
typedef V vertex_t
typedef E edge_t
typedef boost::graph_traits<graph_t>::edge_iterator EIterator
typedef boost::graph_traits<graph_t>::vertex_iterator VIterator
typedef boost::graph_traits<graph_t>::out_edge_iterator OEIterator
typedef boost::graph_traits<graph_t>::adjacency_iterator AVIterator
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, edge_siconos_bundle_t>::type EBundleAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, vertex_siconos_bundle_t>::type VBundleAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, boost::edge_color_t>::type EColorAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, boost::vertex_color_t>::type VColorAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, boost::edge_index_t>::type EIndexAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, boost::vertex_index_t>::type VIndexAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, edge_properties_t>::type EPropertiesAccess
typedef boost::property_map<graph_t, vertex_properties_t>::type VPropertiesAccess
typedef std::unordered_map<V, VDescriptor> VMap

Public Functions

inline SiconosGraph()

default constructor

inline ~SiconosGraph()
inline const graph_t &storage() const
inline std::pair<EDescriptor, bool> edge(VDescriptor u, VDescriptor v) const
inline bool edge_exists(const VDescriptor &vd1, const VDescriptor &vd2) const
inline std::pair<EDescriptor, EDescriptor> edges(VDescriptor u, VDescriptor v) const
inline bool is_edge(const VDescriptor &vd1, const VDescriptor &vd2, const E &e_bundle) const
inline bool adjacent_vertex_exists(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline size_t size() const
inline size_t vertices_number() const
inline size_t edges_number() const
inline V &bundle(const VDescriptor &vd)
inline const V &bundle(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline E &bundle(const EDescriptor &ed)
inline const E &bundle(const EDescriptor &ed) const
inline boost::default_color_type &color(const VDescriptor &vd)
inline const boost::default_color_type &color(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline boost::default_color_type &color(const EDescriptor &ed)
inline const boost::default_color_type &color(const EDescriptor &ed) const
inline GProperties &properties()
inline size_t &index(const VDescriptor &vd)
inline const size_t &index(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline size_t &index(const EDescriptor &ed)
inline const size_t &index(const EDescriptor &ed) const
inline VProperties &properties(const VDescriptor &vd)
inline EProperties &properties(const EDescriptor &ed)
inline bool is_vertex(const V &vertex) const
inline const VDescriptor &descriptor(const V &vertex) const
inline std::pair<VIterator, VIterator> vertices() const
inline VIterator begin() const
inline VIterator end() const
inline std::pair<AVIterator, AVIterator> adjacent_vertices(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline std::pair<EIterator, EIterator> edges() const
inline std::pair<OEIterator, OEIterator> out_edges(const VDescriptor &vd) const
inline VDescriptor target(const EDescriptor &ed) const
inline VDescriptor source(const EDescriptor &ed) const
inline VDescriptor add_vertex(const V &vertex_bundle)
template<class G>
inline void copy_vertex(const V &vertex_bundle, G &og)
inline void remove_vertex(const V &vertex_bundle)
inline EDescriptor add_edge(const VDescriptor &vd1, const VDescriptor &vd2, const E &e_bundle)
template<class AdjointG>
inline std::pair<EDescriptor, typename AdjointG::VDescriptor> add_edge(const VDescriptor &vd1, const VDescriptor &vd2, const E &e_bundle, AdjointG &ag)
inline void remove_edge(const EDescriptor &ed)
template<class AdjointG>
inline void remove_edge(const EDescriptor &ed, AdjointG &ag)
template<class Predicate>
inline void remove_out_edge_if(const VDescriptor &vd, const Predicate &pred)

Remove all the out-edges of vertex u for which the predicate p returns true.

This expression is only required when the graph also models IncidenceGraph.

template<class Predicate>
inline void remove_in_edge_if(const VDescriptor &vd, const Predicate &pred)

Remove all the in-edges of vertex u for which the predicate p returns true.

This expression is only required when the graph also models IncidenceGraph.

template<class Predicate>
inline void remove_edge_if(const VDescriptor &vd, const Predicate &pred)

Remove all the in-edges of vertex u for which the predicate p returns true.

This expression is only required when the graph also models IncidenceGraph.

inline int stamp() const
inline void update_vertices_indices()
inline void update_edges_indices()
inline void clear()
inline VMap vertex_descriptor_map() const
inline void display() const
inline bool state_assert() const
inline bool adjacent_vertices_ok() const

Public Members

int _stamp
VMap vertex_descriptor

Protected Types

typedef void serializable

Protected Attributes

graph_t g

Private Functions

SiconosGraph(const SiconosGraph&)


friend class boost::serialization::access
template<typename Archive>
friend void siconos_io(Archive&, SiconosGraph<V, E, VProperties, EProperties, GProperties>&, const unsigned int)
namespace boost


BOOST_INSTALL_PROPERTY(vertex, properties)
BOOST_INSTALL_PROPERTY(edge, properties)
BOOST_INSTALL_PROPERTY(graph, properties)
BOOST_INSTALL_PROPERTY(vertex, siconos_bundle)
BOOST_INSTALL_PROPERTY(edge, siconos_bundle)