Class TimeSteppingD1Minus

Defined in Program listing for file kernel/src/simulationTools/TimeSteppingD1Minus.hpp

class TimeSteppingD1Minus : public Simulation

TimeSteppingD1Minus Timestepping Strategy.

see Schindler/Acary : Timestepping Schemes for Nonsmooth Dynamics Based on Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Definition and Outlook

Public Functions

TimeSteppingD1Minus(SP::NonSmoothDynamicalSystem nsds, SP::TimeDiscretisation td, int nb)

constructor with the time-discretisation

  • nsds: the current nonsmooth dynamical system

  • td: pointer to a TimeDiscretisation

  • nb: number of non smooth problem




visitors hook

virtual void advanceToEvent()

step from current event to next event of EventsManager

void computeFreeState()

integrate DynamicalSystems taking not into account non-smooth part

void computeResidu()

compute residu

virtual void run()

run the simulation, from t0 to T

virtual void updateIndexSet(unsigned int i)

updateIndexSet using current y and lambda values of interactions

  • i: the number of the set to be updated 0 : ALL interactions (NEVER) 1 : ACTIVE interactions for IMPACTS 2 : ACTIVE interactions for CONTACTS

void updateInput(unsigned int level)

update input

  • level: lambda order used to compute input