Class ExplicitTwisting

Defined in Program listing for file control/src/Controller/ExplicitTwisting.hpp

class ExplicitTwisting : public CommonSMC

Twisting Controller with an explicit discretization.

Public Functions

ExplicitTwisting(SP::ControlSensor sensor)

Constructor for a nonlinear system or the ActuatorFactory.


ExplicitTwisting(SP::ControlSensor sensor, double gain, double beta)

Constructor for the linear case.


virtual ~ExplicitTwisting()


virtual void actuate()

Compute the new control law at each event Here we are using the following formula:

virtual void initialize(const NonSmoothDynamicalSystem &nsds, const Simulation &s)

initialize actuator data.

  • nsds: the NonSmoothDynamicalSystem

  • s: the simulation